Knock knock. Hello, National Security? Anybody home?

Seriously, there has got to be some hot ears burning up in Washington DC over Obama's initiative to bring 75,000 Muslim refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war to America. We are only privy to knowing which states these refugees are heading for, not the cities. It's standing policy not to reveal that level of information.

Who are we kidding, right? I can see why the State Department wouldn't want to share the names of those cities, but it has nothing to do with protecting refugees. It's about protecting their own respective butts if any of those Muslim refugees turns out to be radical infiltrators with designs to massacre Americans.

Those states are: Washington, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Nebraska, North Dakota and Kentucky. Between now and the next five years, if any of those states go up in smoke, we know whom to blame for that entire debacle. President Barack Hussein Obama.

With more than three million Syrians being driven away by the battles between militant Muslims like the Islamic State, al-Nursa and the Free Syrian Army, a large portion of those fleeing are also Syrian Christians. Amid the chaos, the call for Syrians to get a free pass into America is eerily generic among a Muslim heavy population, with little to no attention aimed at the Syrian Christians, who are far more reviled, far more targeted than their Muslim neighbors.

Our not-so-brilliant government, in their bold choice to ignore National Security on all levels, is planning for 10,000 Syrian immigrants for 2015, placing them all over the United States in neighborhoods just like the ones you live in, without saying a dang word as to who they are or exactly where they're going to stay.

Are the powers-that-be forgetting that radical Muslims have a penchant for killing themselves just so they can murder anyone they perceive as enemies to their religion? You can't reason or bargain with an enemy who is determined to die so they can kill you. Take a moment to picture President Barack Obama in your mind, holding the front door of your home wide open to these serious security threats, grinning from ear to ear. That is basically what he is doing, and I can assure you, the threat is all too real.

America has a long standing habit of accepting war-weary refugees during their time of crisis. Considering the determination of our enemies, we must be more wise, more careful, about whom we throw the gates open for, along with the potential consequences.

Just as we can lead horses to water but can't make them drink, we can lead politicians to knowledge, but we can't make them think. When the next domestic terrorist attack hits in any of those seven states, and the radical Muslims start dancing in their Middle Eastern streets, we must be able to ask Obama, where ever he is at that time, "What in the hell were you thinking?" That answer will be of interest to everyone, including future victims of terrorism and their families.


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