It should come as no surprise to any rational and informed thinking person, that whenever there’s a crises or an issue that needs to be addressed, throwing the people’s money seems to be the only solution the government has to offer. And if the first pile of cash doesn’t solve the problem, there’s always another pile of greenbacks waiting in the wings.

And so we find once again our illustrious president playing politics by using the riots in Ferguson, New York and Baltimore as a convenient excuse to once again "shake-down" the American taxpayer with another grand scam for more government spending and control.

Appearing recently in Camden, NJ, President Obama addressed the growing tensions between law enforcement and “communities of color” as part of a broader six-part plan to supposedly try to improve relations between local police departments and minority communities.

And of course being a “community organizer” what better place to reward rioters then within the very communities destroyed by those same rioters by making available $163 million dollars in federal grants for “organizing individuals” and “community activists” and build trust between them (the looters) and the police.

Essentially, rewarding those who helped to organize and lead the racially motivated anti-cop protests that have arisen in cities all across the country, occasionally evolving from peaceful protests to outbursts of violent riots and looting.

Obviously we’ve witnessed this orchestrated “shake-down” so many times that we’ve come to know the players and their assigned roles; there’s Valerie Jarrett the power behind the throne, billionaire George Soros who provides the initial funding for those community organizers to organize the protesters and of course front-man Al Sharpton to promote and give voice to the rioters.

And of course in order to sell the “shake-down” you need to have a few well-intentioned dupes, and who better than Ron Davis, a former police chief who now heads the Justice Department’s COPS Office telling whoever will listen: “We have a unique opportunity to redefine policing in our democracy, to ensure that public safety is more than the absence of crime, that it must also include the presence of justice.” Act three scene four from the top!

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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