As if we needed proof that President Obama was absolutely obsessed with closing a deal with Iran, a top American diplomat involved in the process has stated that Obama wants the deal to be a lasting part of his "legacy."

"He believes a peaceful Iran could be a bulwark against ISIS in the Middle East," said the American diplomat involved in the talks. To be a "centerpiece" of his legacy, however, the current deal will have to grow and strengthen by leaps and bounds.

Obama's obsession with the Iran deal could be a result of his ineptitude in moving international matters forward. For a president who wanted to evacuate all troops from Iraq and Afghanistan only to see the powerful and growing ISIS presence become a major threat, the desire to have some sort of lasting influence on the Middle East must be strong.

However, as multiple journalists, analysts, and even governments have stated, the current deal with Iran is simply too strong.

Obama wants to lift sanctions to the dictator-controlled country and give them access to over $150 billion of assets that have been blocked and taken away from Iran. In return, Iran is pledging to stall construction of nuclear facilities, but only for a limited number of years.

Israel, one of the U.S.'s strongest allies in the Middle East, is especially enraged at the prospect of strengthening Iran--notably because Iran has all but declared a death wish for Israel and all of the Jews living there.

Obama, however, seems content to let allies stand by to be slaughtered by a nuclearized Iran, simply for the press and privilege of reopening ties with a war-crazed Middle Eastern country.

Though his desire to make an impact is something we should laud him for, his incredibly dense choice of where to make that impact isn't. It's time to wise-up Obama. Iran doesn't need your focus or your "legacy." Give it a rest.

h/t: Sunday Times, Weasel Zippers



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