Who could ever have imagined that the only true democracy within the Middle East may actually be forced to face off against their “ally”? And yet that scenario as insane as it may seem may actually come to pass. American troops fighting Israeli troops in order to protect Iran’s nuclear facilities, in short a country that is the leading exporter of terrorism around the world and which has sworn to “wipe Israel off the face of the earth”, is now being protected and in partner with America…”incredible”!

The “ObamaDeal” explicitly states that the United States and the other P5+1 powers can help Iran deflect and even “respond” to sabotage and nuclear threats to its nuclear sites.

The damming evidence is stated within the document in Annex III of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which allows Western Powers including America to come to the aid of Iran and protect its nuclear sites, and even stage a counter attack against whoever attacks those sites.

We can surly understand now why the Prime Minister of Israel felt compiled to come to America and speak before  congress and publicly condemn this terrible deal and highlight to the world and especially the American people the willful betrayal by this administration.

Obama is a committed Muslim he is “the wolf in sheep’s clothing” who has betrayed his “oath of office” and has finally shed all pretense of being a Christian, and this deal all but guarantees a pathway to a nuclear Iran, and threatens the very survival of Israel.

The stunning “jaw-dropping” evidence that America will defend Iran against any possible attack by Israel leaves open the 70 plus year alliance and legal commitments by America to the Jewish State. And has unimaginable as this scenario may seem, one simply needs to realize where America is today, who would ever have imagined that American citizens would be attacked and murdered within their homeland by illegal criminal aliens while those murders are  being all but ignored and practically sanctioned by this administration and a sizable number of legislators within congress.

h/t: Jewish Press


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