One can not simply make up verses and pretend that they are a part of the Bible. To most Americans, the Bible is a perfect document, inspired by God. The Bible cannot be added to, well... unless you are President Barack Obama. He seems to think that's OK.

Why would the president try to add to the Bible? Why would he feel the need to do something like that? Maybe he wasn't purposefully trying to add to it, maybe he just doesn't know it well enough to know what is in it and what isn't. Or... maybe he just doesn't care. Maybe he feels that he is a good enough person to add to such a special book.

When did the president add to the Bible? During a speech on immigration. Yes, he used the Bible to support his highly controversial immigration beliefs. Really? Is that right? Of course not.

During a speech on immigration, President Obama said that the Bible says "don't throw stones at glass houses". Okay... If the Bible really said that, what does it even mean? Could you be any more vague, Mr. President? Could you be any more confusing?

The president went on to use the Christmas story, the story of Jesus' birth, as an example of why we should allow just anyone and everyone into our country. Is there a relation between the Bible and immigration? Does it have anything to do with the Christmas story? Probably not.

No matter who you are, you can't take the Bible and make it into something that will support your cause. You just can't do that. If there is a verse in the Bible that naturally supports what you believe, then that is fine. If, however, you simply use the Bible to support your own beliefs - taking it out of context, or making up your own verses - that just shouldn't be done.

Even if you are the president, you can't add to the Bible. As president, Obama obviously feels very powerful. Powerful enough, even, to make up his own Bible verses. That is just not right. That is not something that should be done. And, to use those verses to support measures that so many have a problem with, that makes things all the worse.

It is time for the president to study the Bible. It is time for him to figure out what it really says and how that might apply to immigration. It is time for him to dig deep and discover the truth. No more making up Bible verses, it is time to read real ones. There are no glass houses mentioned in the Bible, and the Christmas story isn't exactly a story of immigration. If verses need to be made up to support a cause, maybe that cause isn't so great.


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