The Queen of England is a relatively quiet person. It is very rare that we, or the British subjects of the Crown, hear from her.

Yet, when she does speak it is shout heard round the world. Often it is a shout of silence, and we all know that there is no greater noise than the sound of silence. So, who is her dismissive disdain directed at this time?  None other than our Egomaniac-in-Chief, Barack Obama.

The Queen has no interest in her country remaining in the defunct, corrupt, and completely inept European Union. She is part of the Brexit crowd who effectively want Britain to Exit that economic and political disaster.

Unfortunately, there is a contingent in Parliament who want the country to continue to be corrupted by Europe’s mis-guided ways. They would be the liberals in case you could not figure that out on your own.

In a show of support for all things that are the antithesis of freedom, Obama will be making a visit to stand shoulder to shoulder with the British Prime Minister and offer sadistic support to keeping the Britons in chains to the EU. He also plans to meet with Queen Elizabeth II.

He might want to rethink that and save some face, because the Queen just said off with his head and he can carry it back to America as soon as he is done chumming it up with the PM. She won’t be available to meet with him.

How dare someone tell President Obama that they do not have time for his royal presence?

That person would be the Queen of the country and if ever there was a time to herald the concept of royalty it is now.

Not too many world leaders are willing to tell Obama to F-Off, but Queen Elizabeth II certainly is.

Jolly good show, don’t you think?

Source: Mad World News

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