President Obama’s decision to grant illegal immigrants amnesty appears to have more drastic, economic effects than anyone realized.

IRS lawyers have analyzed the tax code and laws and have determined that those illegals who qualify for Social Security Numbers and work permits would also be eligible to file for tax refunds—three years of tax refunds.

Under part of the Earned Income Tax Credit, the EITC, these illegals would be able to use their Obama-supplied SSNs and get refund money for years in which they likely never even paid a dime in taxes.

For any who thought that Obama’s gesture was a humanitarian call for America to open her arms, I hope you realize, now, how open America’s arms will have to be if four million illegal immigrants figure out this loophole and start exploiting it.

It should surprise us that there is a catastrophic pothole in the president’s plan, but I’m just not surprised. It seems unbelievable that illegal workers who didn’t have taxes taken from their wages and who didn’t even file taxes would be able to take money from those Americans who did.

But, as I said, I’m not surprised. By the time the Obama administration is finished passing legislation and ordering executive action employers might be more inclined to hire illegal immigrants than American-born, legal persons. Not only do they get SSNs, and worker visas, but they can also get drivers licenses.

And who’s paying for this? American workers, but not illegal immigrant workers who work in America because, remember, they haven’t been paying taxes and contributing.

The only ray of sunshine in this terrible news is the fact that I doubt many illegals will have the legal and tax code know-how to figure it out. I’m not insulting their intelligence, I’m just noting that it would seem to require knowledge of the tax code and some back and forth regarding years worked and other technical questions to qualify for the tax refunds.

That isn’t to say, however, that some enterprising, dirty lawyer or accountant won’t start offering their services to help illegals navigate the tax code and take advantage of the system. We need to hope that it is much more difficult than it sounds to get money for free from the government.

On the positive side, at least the issue is getting media attention. Hopefully lawmakers realize that this is a mistake Obama made that needs to be cleared up right away. Before four million illegals take advantage of the system and suck America dry.


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