If there’s one thing we’ve come to expect from Obama is that he’s resourceful and will use any means at his disposal to push through his progressive agenda, and if he should break protocol, official procedures, rules, statues, regulations or even the law, so be it!

Moreover with only a few weeks to go before his term comes to an end, there’s little doubt that this is perhaps the most dangerous time for America, in that Obama has already demonstrated what he’s capable of doing, by first betraying Israel, one of America’s strongest allies and the only democracy in the Middle East, and then suddenly accusing Russia of cyber-warfare for political expediency, in that the Administration was well aware of the cyber attacks and hacking by both China and Russia for years, so why now at the 11th hour?

And it’s within this backdrop that we need to be concerned in that Obama can still create mayhem and tomorrow he has one last opportunity to do just that, by forcing his Supreme Court pick Judge Merrick Garland onto the Supreme Court.

Obviously this is a reckless legal gamble, that few in their right mind would even attempt, however we’ve already witnessed this character use executive orders to bypass congress.

Moreover if Obama actually decides to do this, he must do it just before noon on Tuesday, January 3rd within the 5-minutes that the Senate gavels out the 114th Congress and gavels in the 115th Congress into session.

Within those few minutes of congressional limbo, that’s when “the wolf in sheep’s clothing” might strike, and that’s when we should all be aware that it might happen, when the Senate goes into “Intersession Recess” creating a brief moment when Obama could test his recess-appointment powers by pushing through Judge Garland to the high court.

Obama already tested the resolve of the high court back in 2014, when he attempted a similar move with recess appointments and was voted down by a 9-0 margin, overturning Obama’s early picks in 2012, the court ruled that the Senate was actually in session, and that Obama couldn’t use his recess powers.

Do you think Obama is low enough to try to force his nominee onto the Supreme Court just as his term is about to expire?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Washington Times

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