It’s always interesting how selective outrage of both the loony left and the mainstream media always coincides with their perverse ideology, simply imagine for a moment President Trump playing golf, and suddenly getting the same news that greeted Obama a few years ago, that “American Journalist James Foley had been beheaded.” Imagine for a moment if a President Trump spent a few minutes in front of the camera’s and then quickly went about smiling and playing golf.

And it’s within that context that we’ve grown accustomed to seeing President Obama’s emotionally disconnect from tragedy, as if it’s no big deal.

Moreover the events of the last 48-hours of a Russian Ambassador to Turkey being assassinated on live TV by a deranged terrorist shouting “Don’t forget Syria!” and “Don’t forget Aleppo!”  afterwards, then the horrific slaughter in Berlin, Germany by a Muslim terrorist using a truck and plowing into scores of innocent Christmas shoppers at an outdoor Christmas market killing and injuring over 50-people.

If anything the terrorist attacks abroad once again illustrates just how out of touch this president is, and that nothing will interfere with his numerous vacations, not a beheading, an assassination of an ambassador or a truck plowing into innocent people, in that Obama is simply to busy enjoying himself playing round after round of golf in Hawaii at the Mid-Pacific Country Club.

Do you think the last place the acting President belongs is on a golf course while a major terror attack is unfolding?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Daily Caller

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