Chris Harper-Mercer, responsible for the mass-killing at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College, was not the lone-wolf whose mind broke and snapped as we have been led to believe. As many of us suspected, when no mention of race or possible faith was immediately released, there was going to be more to this story. It turns out there is.

Russia’s Federal Security Service had a dossier of some sort on a “radical black Islamist.” Being that the story appears to be getting tied to Harper-Mercer, it would seem Putin’s intelligence folks identified him, and reached out to the United States. President Obama’s Administration, to include our own intelligence agencies chose to do nothing with this information. Why? Russia can’t be trusted.

Harper-Mercer made Russia’s radar when it was learned he attempted to join ISIS in Syria, last month. Again, proof it was known to be Harper-Mercer. So, it was not “news” to the Administration that they had a solo-ISIS-terrorist on their hands.

It also would seem to explain why Harper-Mercer singled out and slaughtered Christians. This is not to say the guy was a Muslim following the radical tenets of Islam, but given how evil ISIS is, it is not difficult to imagine he would want to join the group happily slaughtering Christians.

It is unfathomable that Obama would not trust Russian intelligence forces. Let’s face it, they are obviously doing a better job of tracking terrorists, IN OUR OWN COUNTRY, than our own FBI and CIA, who seemingly knew and chose not to act.

Why not? Harper-Mercer was not white, he was not a Christian and was sympathetic to Islam. He fit the mold for Obama’s vision of a model citizen.

Instead and again, rather than call terrorism what it is, rather than call radical Islam what it is, Obama went for gun-violence. He couldn’t go for “work place violence” and he sure as hell couldn’t single out a non-white person, or sympathetic-Jihadi.

He chose to let Harper-Mercer go on an evil rampage, in the name of ISIS it seems, so he, Obama, could use the opportunity to attack the 2nd Amendment, which in all honesty is the only thing that will stop ISIS, and their ilk in this country, because it is obvious our own government has no plans to do so.

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