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One may scour, dig, hunt, and carefully or thoroughly go through historical documents, archived footage of historical events or presidential papers, with the purpose of simply attempting to match or chronicle another Administration in comparison to this Administrations lack of fidelity to America’s principles and ideals, and chances are it would be impossible!

In that during his time in the White House, President Obama appears to have done everything he can to strip America of our traditional values.

For some time, attentions have turned to the change of décor in the White House since he moved in.

The Oval Office has been stripped of the traditional red, white and blue during his care.

Instead, it has been replaced with Middle Eastern style wallpaper, drapes and décor.

The change is noticeable as he walks down the hallways to talk to the press and every time he is filmed speaking from the White House.

The American flag has been replaced with a bright yellow drape. For whatever reason, Obama is separating himself from the American identity.

Moreover then the obvious visuals and change in décor of the White House, is how Obama has “transformed America” around the world, changing the balance of power and tilting it towards Russia and China, and ailing America with a recognized terrorist state, that of Iran and purposely distancing himself from the middle east’s only true democracy Israel.

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