Tim Barker, Homeless PlumberMeet Tim Barker. He's homeless. He's also a skilled plumber who got laid off in October of 2009. At the age of 47, he's a single father living with his son in a 2003 Ford pickup truck. He wasn't the only one, joining 199 other plumbers from his union. As of today, more than 30 million Americans are sharing the same damning fate. Not only are they laid off, but they want to work, competing for mere peanuts over what they once earned with a non-stop influx of immigrants.

Illegal immigrants grow in numbers on a yearly basis, adding to that count by tens of thousands recently targeted to enter the United States by President Obama, we are compounding a literal epidemic in America, a problem that is impacting far more people than any politician will admit to their constituents.

Advocacy and employer groups tend to defend the admission of illegal immigrants, saying that they only take the unwanted jobs. Which is, of course, completely untrue, as those illegal immigrants are already working in positions of agriculture, construction and service oriented jobs. The more jobs that are taken by these foreign workers, the less jobs that are actually available, which leads to a serious catch 22. It will only keep to the false illusion that they are taking unwanted jobs.

The Democratic base is currently cheering the current 5.6 percent unemployment rate, but those numbers have been made fuzzy by their new calculation rules. Ninety-nine weeks, no jobs to be found, though they would rather have a job, more than 30 million unemployed Americans are no longer counted in that 5.6 percent figure. It's a deception that's been recently exposed by Gallup CEO Jim Clifton, who successfully published a post that showed permanently unemployed and under-employed workers not being counted, thereby contributing to what he calls The Big Lie.

Remember Tim Barker? In the very year he was laid off and forced to live with his son out of their truck, the Obama administration issued a shocking 5.5 million work permits to foreigners. That was in addition to the normally granted 1 million annual legal immigrant work permits and 700,000 guest workers. Another 1 million work permits got issued to illegals who jumped the fence, adding to that damning total.

This is a dangerous trend that is damaging to the real state of our economy. All net gains, ever since 2007, has gone to immigrants for that very reason.

Miami, Florida is one supreme example. It's one of the hardest cities in the United States to find a job, where groups of foreign nationals flood the food service industry, begging managers for jobs. A good number of those employers cut hours of full time staff and hire those immigrants, to keep from being fined for not providing healthcare options for full timers, since those full time positions are now considered part time.

One American in his early 30s lost his long time job at a hardware store. Known to his friends as Cisco, he can't even land a local construction gig, as those jobs are flooded and taken by immigrants, both legal and illegal, who will gladly work for far less.

In an effort to create a horde of undocumented Democratic voters, the Obama administration is leading our economy along a false pretense of prosperity. Millions of unemployed Americans all across the United States are feeling the pain of that huge deception. So I beg to ask, why are we even shocked anymore when we find out that more than 40 million Americans are now on the Food Stamp rolls since Obama has taken office to change America? Change into what? Maybe that's the question Obama should have been forced to answer from day one.


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