Although Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) don’t often find themselves in agreement, the two Middle East countries, one Jewish and the other Muslim, have both banned an Islamic organization citing ties to terror organizations, yet President Obama’s administration has no problem writing checks to the same group.

Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) has been banned not only by U.S. ally Israel, but even by the UAE, which has one of the worst human rights records in the world and enforces Sharia law for Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

The bans came after revelations that the so-called “relief” organization had channeled donations collected to provide health care services for the poor to Hamas, al-Quada and other terror groups, instead.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued warnings against IRW since 2006, saying “IRW operations in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip are carried out by social welfare organizations controlled and staffed by Hamas operatives,” and in 2014, the international banking group HSBC also cut ties with IRW citing ties to terror groups.

Yet, President Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services continues to authorize hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to IRW, and according to counter-terrorism analyst Patrick Poole, the United States Agency for International Development has also donated funds to IRW.

In addition to receiving funds from the Obama administration, the IRW has also received tens of thousands of dollars in donations from a “charity” founded by Osama bin Laden follower, Abdul Majeed Al-Zindani, and identified as a “front organization to funnel money to terrorists” in sworn testimony by FBI agent Brian Murphy.

The Muslim organization headquartered in Birmingham, England since 1984, boasted an annual worldwide revenue of $120 million in 2013.

The IRW’s website claims it provides “sustainable livelihoods, education, health and nutrition, water sanitation and hygiene, and care for orphans.”


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