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We all remember that Obama vowed to shut down Gitmo way back during his campaigns for the Oval Office.

Making no headway in Congress, he has chosen to do what he does best—whatever he wants.

Among those detainees he has secretly released, some have returned to the battlefield and are again waging Jihad on the world.

One of those cut loose is Muhammad al Rahman al-Shumrani.

“I love Usama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar and if I ever get out of Guantanamo I will go back to fight the Americans and kill as many as I can.”

Boy, that’s definitely in keeping with his Detainee File that said without “rehabilitation,” whatever that is, this guy would “…seek out prior associates and reengage in hostilities and extremist support activities at home and abroad.”

Just the kind of person the Fellowship of the Jihad in DC would want to return to the battlefield.

When your nation’s Administration spews vitriol at your own country, what do you expect?

Maybe Obama should invited Muhammed over to the White House for a beer summit, or to discuss count-down devices in the guise of a clock.

That way he can experience just how little of threat the guy is.

h/t: Townhall


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