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Deception combined with distraction, has always been a favorite political tactic used by the left; however this president has taken it to the extreme, in his unbridled use of “executive orders”, which of course bypasses congress.

In truth this president is a fraud and an impostor, in that true leadership requires a unique set of skills and a temperament to match, of which this president does not posses, to effectively negotiate with those of opposing views, and thus uses “executive orders” to hide his lack of leadership skills, and of course circumvents the political process.

Which he will once again do on January 4th when he meets behind closed doors with his Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and do what he has been doing for the last 7-years, governing by Fiat.

And of course use executive orders to placate his disturbing and pathological obsession by attempting to take guns away from law-abiding citizens.

This time with two key components of “tightening the definition of what it means to be involved in gun sales” and the addition of new reporting requirements for licensed gun dealers.

The changes in language as it relates to being “involved in gun sales” will be used to broaden the occasions on which background checks are required, thereby further narrowing the remaining avenues by which Americans may buy a gun without government permission.

This re-definition could result in requiring private gun sellers to obtain a Federal Firearms License (FFL) and perform background checks on every sale, even if they only sell guns as a hobby occasionally.

Ironically none of these previsions would have prevented any of the mass shootings or terrorist attacks on the homeland.

Obama is deceiving the American people by infringing on the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment under the guise that it will prevent mass shootings.

Source: Breitbart


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