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There’s never been any doubt that the fix was in to ensure that Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic Presidential nominee, and that Bernie Sanders would end up being nothing more than a distraction, who would eventually be bought off.

And to that end, the State Department along with the White House is also doing its best to drag Hillary, despite the mounting scandals, into the Oval Office.

Surprisingly, this has raised the attention of CNN, once considered a Clinton supporter and in particular news host and commentator Jack Tapper, who took issue with Obama for refusing to release all of Clinton’s emails before doubling down by announcing that they would be released after the presidential election.

“At a certain point, one begins to wonder if these weaknesses are deliberate and that these efforts to conceal information do not conceal a certain disdain for the public and your right to know,” Tapper said.

He continued saying, “Turning now to a Obama administration decision that we learned about today, one that is, once again, at odds with President Obama’s much ballyhooed pledge to be the most transparent administration in history. The issue at hand, Hillary Clinton’s role in crafting the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which is the largest regional trade deal in history brokered while Hillary Clinton led the State Department, it’s a deal which the likely Democratic nominee vouched for as Secretary of State no fewer than 45 times between 2010 and 2013 and called it the gold standard of all trade deals.”

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