President Obama is again proving his stubborness – and not in a good way. Obama has vowed, once again, to avoid the term "radical Islam," and his reasoning behind the move is as thin and flawed as anything this president has done during his time in office.

Following the Orlando, Florida terrorist attack, President Obama faced criticism from some members of the public and the media for refusing to label the attack as a result of "radical Islam."

"[T]he reason I am careful about how I describe this threat has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with actually defeating extremism," Obama told members of the press.

He continued by saying that calling the radical terror attacks what they are, attacks that have been motivated by a radical form of Islam, wouldn't serve any direct military purpose.

"What exactly would it change? Would it make ISIL less committed to try to kill Americans? ... Is there a military strategy that is served by this?"

In one sense the president is right. There isn't a black and white target that could be taken out if he started calling these attacks what they are. But there are a ton of ways that Obama's acceptance of the term "radical Islam" could benefit the U.S. war on terrorism.

Take, for instance, the outreach center sponsored by the U.S. government that refuses to connect terrorism with Islam. They speak about ways to fight ISIS on Twitter and YouTube, but ignore the fact that these young men are being radicalized in mosques across the Middle East.

What if Obama actually said that Islam needs to step up and take care that its young people don't become Western-hating Islamists? Can you imagine the power to change that might have?

What if Obama, the leader of the free world, asked Muslims everywhere to reach out and extinguish radical Islam from among them?

It would be powerful. And if he's not going to do it, we need a president who will.

h/t: Washington Free Beacon

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