In an ideal world, no child will ever die before their parents. This is why losing a child is perhaps the worst experience a parent can ever go through. Tragically, this was exactly what happened with Jill Stephenson in 2009 when her son - U.S. Army Ranger Benjamin Kopp - made the ultimate sacrifice.

Initially, Stephenson was told her son sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. Despite the seemingly non-fatal injury, Kopp died several days later at Walter Reed Medical Center.

Stephenson, though, turned her distraught into strength and good by becoming a founder of TAPS, a non-profit organization that helps military families through the mourning process.

Despite her patriotic and selfless work with TAPS, Stephenson never received a phone call or a letter from the Obamas or anyone in his staff.

In an interview with Independent Journal Review, she made these comments regarding the Obama Administration's lack of outreach:

"I never got a call. I never got these either."

By these "these," she is referring to a personal and hand-signed letter sent by First Lady Melania Trump.

Now that is all class and speaks volumes.

It's also kind of ironic considering President Trump has recently come under fire after criticizing Obama for not doing enough to reach out to families of fallen troops. Well, where are the critics now?

Look, obviously the Commander-in-Chief can't reach out to every family. However, considering Stephenson's contributions, Obama or someone from his cabinet could have at least took five minutes to make a quick phone call to thank her on behalf of the country for her stellar work. Yet, the President had the time to comment on Trayvon Martin and even invite Clock Boy to the White House.

Is this another instance of the lamestream media covering for Obama and grasping for straws to criticize President Trump?

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