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How dare the American people disagree with King Obama! Before he was elected president, it was patriotic to disagree with the leadership of the country.

That all changed when Obama came into the office of the presidency. All bets were off and the mantrums began.

The president’s anger is full-bore at America, and her congressional representatives, for their resistance to the Fellowship of the Jihad (aka the Administration), and their plan to import tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.  

Those refugees have proved to contain serious depraved individuals, as evidenced in France, Germany, and Sweden.

As a result there have been terrorist attacks, assaults, murders, and gang-rapes, not to mention violent overthrow of communities and implementation of Sharia Law.

Fortunately, Senator Ted Cruz and Governor Jeb Bush, as well as others in the GOP are with us in not wanting them here as of yet.

However, according to Obama,

“That’s not American. We don’t have religious test to our compassion.”

Even the FBI says there is no data by which to vet these people. Islamo-panderer-in-Chief says that this mindset of not taking in the Muslim unknowns is “shameful,” because hose fleeing are among the “most harmed…most vulnerable.” No, sir, we are among the most vulnerable with the importation of unknowns from countries that want to kill us all and let their Allah sort us out.

You, Mr. President are shameful in wanting to bring potential harm to our country.

Perhaps the only thing Obama said that made sense was;

“The United States has to step up and do its part.”

Yep. By getting your party out of office and salvaging what we can of our once great nation.


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