This is utterly disgusting, but read and on, and sadly, you won’t be the least bit surprised. Omar Kadhr, son of Osama “bin Laden’s finance guy,” according to an soldier who served with Army Delta Force Sargent Christopher Speer.

Sgt. Speer was killed as a result of hand grenade tossed by Omar Kadhr in a skirmish whereby Speer’s fellow soldier, Sgt. Lane Morris said the Kadhr and his fellow Jihadi’s “…didn’t want to talk.” No, they had plans to meet their virgins; “They wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

Omar Kadhr, for whatever reason was rescued from a 45 year military commissioned prison sentence. Here is where the non-surprise comes in—Obama cut a deal with the terrorist and he ended up with an 8 year term. He served 1 year in Gitmo before being cut loose. He went to Canada and is now a Jihadi-celebutard extraordinaire, courtesy of the Obama Administration.

“Kahdr’s transformation from a racist, sexist, Jew-hating terrorist, into a celebrity and folk hero is the result of nearly 10 years of combined propaganda by leftist journalists and lawyers – with Khadr as the willing participant,” author of “The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies and the Whitewashing of Omar Kadhr,” Ezra Levant said.

Levant went on;

“They have managed to transform a pathological murderer into a ‘victim,’ providing Al Qaeda with a great PR victory.”

There he is on the cover of MacLean’s, a Canadian rag. He and his two pretty besties, who should be utterly ashamed of themselves, calling this dirt bag a “friend.”


This is tragic on many levels, not the least of which is Obama’s hand in this at the expense of an American hero. The Enemy Within....seems so fitting. How many more of these deals went down?

Ezra Levant who authored “The Enemy Within: Terror, Lies and the Whitewashing of Omar Khadr,” talks to Fox News about how Khadr has become a hero of sorts to liberals.

Watch the video below:

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