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It seems that this president and his wife live in their own racial divide, and quite frankly a sad commentary of how these two individuals have undermined this nation, with a continued and false narrative of race relations within this country.

So much so that this character took to social media with an outrageous tweet, and for no other reason then to continue the racial divide, and once again putting forth a false narrative “The incarceration rate for black woman is twice as high as the rate for white woman.” 

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What seems obvious is that Obama uses race as a political wedge issue, regardless of the facts, so here are the "complete facts", this data is from the Obama Department of Justice, for the year 2013.

White females comprised 49% of the prison population compared to 22% black females. However, the imprisonment rate for black females is longer, depending on the crime.

As the POTUS you would think some measure of fact checking before tweeting another racially charged message would be an easy thing to do.

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