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Apologizing for ending a brutal war quickly, that by all estimates would have killed an additional 10,000 American lives if continued by a fanatical enemy that brazenly and willfully attacked us, is once again another disconnect from reality by this hapless fool of a president.

“The president would like to see the world rid of nuclear weapons”, his spokesman said today, “and symbolically there’s probably no more powerful illustration of that commitment than the city that contained the victims of the first use of that weapon.”

“If he doesn’t make the side trip it won’t be because of pressure from within the United States not to apologize for the war-ending bomb that killed 140,000 people in 1945,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said.

“It’s not a factor,” Earnest told reporters this afternoon as he defended the president from the type of criticism Republicans are sure to raise if he goes to the site and offers some sort of apology for America’s actions during World War II.

No doubt dropping the Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima was a brutal act as was the unprovoked sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, and no doubt 70-years later we all wish in hindsight that we could have avoided the carnage on both sides.

Perhaps when Obama does visit Hiroshima next month and begins is usual “apology tour,”  he will refrain from his obvious rewriting of history and frame his remarks as one would an acknowledgment of any tragic event within the context of historical facts in that one can show empathy for the lives lost and the tragedy of war…simply look across Europe at the thousands upon thousands of white headstones of our American heroes.

Last we checked Japan started the war with the United States. Do you think we owe them an apology?

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