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Sounding more like a liberal arts professor out of Berkeley, then the President of the United States, Barack Obama once again drew a red line in the sand; however this dividing line was simply to once again divide the population among racial lines.

According to Obama, the phrase “All Lives Matter” isn’t legitimate, because the black community has specific struggles that the rest of us will never understand.

And within that narrow definition Professor Obama is correct, however like all things “Obama” this is where historical facts and progressive spin part company, in that the plight of African-Americans within the last 50-years has more to do with ineffective progressive policies, that have willfully grown the welfare state primarily to enhance the reelection of those same progressive Democrats and of course the destruction of the family unit.

Which Professor Obama never mentions within his many speeches, nor have the countless activists and so-called religious civil rights leaders, that have elevated “race” into a very profitable cottage industry.

The data is there for all to see; the city of Baltimore for example is a predominately African-American city run for almost 4-decades by progressive Democrats and spends approximately $16,000 per year, per student the second highest government finding for education within the country, and also turns out one of the lowest graduation rates.

Perhaps the reason for the dismal graduation rate is yet another piece of the puzzle that Professor Obama ignores, the destruction of the black family, in that 70% of black children are born out-of-wedlock, in short children having children.

Source: Chicks On The Right


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