All hail the King! Long live His Righteousness! Obama! Obama! Obama!


When will this guy get over himself? The answer is NEVER. He sees himself as jury, judge, and executioner, well more like pardoner/commuter of crimes extraordinaire. He spent absolutely none of his time (or at least very little it would seem), or Presidential authority to get one our Marine out of a Tijuana prison, placed there on trumped up politicized charges (Andrew Tamooressi). Yet, he managed to get his ass off a golf cart long enough to commute the sentences of 46 convicts, who he deemed to be “non-hardened criminals.” This is his attempt to make our justice system more “fair.” We should all be asking ourselves what exactly constitutes a non-hardened criminal in his administration's play-book? Judging by the actions with the turncoat Bergdahl, letting Tamooressi rot south of the border, and not calling terrorism for what it is, rather using phrases like workplace violence, one has to question the thought process.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, he and is race-baiting contingent are criminalizing, in the court of public opinion, our police forces to be out-of-control hate-mongering racists. So, “fair” to him is letting drug-thugs go, while turning the DOJ loose on cops who try to arrest the drug-thugs in the first place. Makes sense. In an alternate universe, that is.

Lucky for the bad guys, as it sounds like he is just getting started. His White House council indicates that there will be more commutations to come. To make it even better, and to let us know how committed he is to fairness, his administration is heralding his upcoming visit to a federal prison, as he is the very first sitting president to do so (and, the point?...).

We are so very fortunate that he can take time out of his “busy” day to go hang with the homies in the hoosegow. Perhaps a little more time could be spent with our combat veterans and the families of those who have lost a soldier, and not convicts.

h/t: Newsmax

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