“This is a both-and proposition. We want to protect our police officers — we’ll do a better job doing it if our communities can feel confident that they are being treated fairly. Hope I’m making that clear. Hope I’m making that clear.”

(Our Dearest Leader-President Obama)


He cannot possibly be serious. Alas, the grassroots in-the-gutter occupy-everything-endorsing, anarchist-like  racist behaving president is deadly serious. According to Obama, the imaginary war waged on black people at the hands of white people, who overwhelmingly twice elected his sorry butt to the highest office in the land,

“…is not a new problem. It’s just that in recent months, in recent years, suddenly folks have videos and body cameras and social media. And so it’s opened our eyes to these incidents.”

No, sir, it has opened our eyes to just how much of a racist you appear to be. Tell a lie often enough, and back it up with make believe claims of ongoing white-officer-on-black-people crime, and you will get a generation of folks believing in it. Follow that up with threatening our law enforcement with turning a blind eye, thereby endorsing the black thug attacks on them, and you have the makings of a crisis, which we know cannot go to waste.

Do you not bear half the blame?

Can we not blame your white half as the executive, meaning ultimate law enforcing officer of our three branch government for your supposed war on black people? Conflicted a bit?

It is a disturbing day in America when our President issues veiled threats against anybody in the nation, and especially our law enforcement.

Obama has never risen above his position as a community organizing agitator who has a problem with authority, unless of course it is his own.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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