President Obama has a very disillusioned image of himself. He rides a very high horse and is constantly boasting about his many achievements and his 'legacy' that he will leave behind. In reality many Americans don't seem to share such far-fetched ideas, no matter how many times Obama repeats them.

Obama may have just walked off the deep end, however, when he made the claim that he would have been elected for a third term if it were constitutional for him to do so.

In an interview with Obama and former senior advisor David Axelrod on Axelrod's podcast 'Axe Files' that if he were to run on his same platform that he would have "mobilized a majority" of American voters to back him.

Obama seems to base this idea based on the opinions of a few Americans that he spoke to that he said don't agree with him politically but respect his "vision" for America, according to the New York Post.

He later mentioned that he couldn't keep it together at a dinner with senior staff, where he began to shed tears when discussing the past 8 years:

"I got through about four minutes of the thing and started getting the hanky out," explained Obama.

This isn't exactly the type of behavior exhibited by a strong leader for our country.

Now Obama may or may not realize this, but the last time and the only time anyone ever served more than two terms was when Franklin Roosevelt was president. This was before the 22nd Amendment was formally adopted, imposing a two term limit.

What Obama is saying is that he is as good if not a better president than FDR. It seems the power has gone to his head and it's so big it might pop before he even makes it out of the White House, which couldn't be a day too soon.

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Source: Fox News

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