Obviously catching this president being less than forthcoming has become merely a matter of record. Therefore it isn’t at all surprising that this president has once again been caught in a massive lie, we of course all recall Obamacare, and the over twenty videos of Obama reassuring America just how affordable and how it would reduce healthcare costs.

This latest little white lie, had Obama’s illegal uncle Omar being granted a “personal amnesty” by a judge working for Eric Holder…”shocking” really?

A few years ago, Uncle Omar, a 21-year fugitive from a Federal deportation order, was arrested for a DUI in Boston. And of course Obama being Obama, and a pathological liar claimed he had never met his uncle Omar and was unaware that he was living in the country illegally.

“SURPRISE, SURPTISE”, apparently Obama’s claim is false he not only met his Uncle Omar, but also lived with his uncle for over a month and would frequently visit him while he was in law school.

Honesty has never been Obama’s strong suits, so it should come as no surprise when he plays this sad game, however the people deserve better, then having a pathological liar in the Oval Office, and of course it’s dangerous.

The latest revelation came to light when Omar testified under oath that he had indeed met his nephew, and stayed with him for almost a month…and let’s not forgets that up close and personal amnesty.

Source: American News



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