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The one thing we can all count on is there’s always enough money to fund a politician’s personal “wish-list” whatever that might be, and with Obama it makes little difference where those funds come from.

Obamacare is an excellent example of how politicians “game the system” robbing from Peter to pay Paul, in that in order to fund this massive entitlement the Obama Administration robbed the Medicare funds to the tune of $500 billion to a whopping $716 billion between 2013 through the year 2022, and of course the victims are Americas Senior Citizens.

This time around another maligned group has been targeted “our American veterans” to support yet other Obama “wish-list” Syrian refugees.

Of course the method used once again is cutting funds originally earmarked to the Veterans Affairs department and which Obama has diverted to funding the refugee issue, to the tune of $2.6 billion, from the $4.5 billion dollars, which was originally allocated.

Moreover Veteran Affairs is one of the most mismanaged government program in the United States. Veterans cannot make appointments, the cost for treatment is outrageous, over 307,000 veterans died waiting for care, yet nobody has been held accountable.

The most recent atrocity by the VA came when the VA went to Congress, less than three months before the end of the fiscal year, short $2.6 billion in funds in order to care for the veterans.

What is happening here is just not right.

Our taxpayer money should be going to veterans who have put their lives in danger for this nation, not Muslim refugees.

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h/t: Red Flag News


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