Despite all his protestations that he wants to assist with a smooth transition between the administrations, Obama is doing everything possible to hamstring incoming president Donald Trump by wielding his pen to pardon convicted felons and put into place a slew of regulations that will have repercussions for everyday Americans for years to come.

Obama’s most recent efforts to impose his will in the waning days of his presidency has seen him release hundreds of felons for time served on drug and firearm convictions and now impose far reaching environmental regulations that will hit Americans with at least $6 billion in fees and costs.

During his eight-years in office, this president has created federal regulations at such a rate that these new rules put the final tally at over $1 trillion in cost to the American public and, in addition, impose hundreds of thousands of what is referred to as “paperwork hours” to insure compliance.

The American Action Forum, a non-profit government watchdog group, says Obama’s new regulations include four from the Environmental Protection Agency and one from the Department of the Interior.

The agency and department have imposed over $349 billion in regulatory costs since Obama took office in 2009, but these last minute measures are designed to secure his legacy in the fight against what he, and others call climate change.

The timing and the enormous costs of Obama’s final regulatory actions may draw the attention of the incoming Congress, which already has committees in both houses studying cost-cutting measures, and will certainly be among the items Donald Trump focuses on to make good on his campaign promise to cut regulations both to save taxpayers and consumers and encourage business growth.

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