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Most over the age of 50, remember watching on closed circuit TV, the 3rd and final battle between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, the fight was dubbed “The Thrilla in Manila and it was for the heavyweight championship of the world, and perhaps recall the stare down between the two fighters, prior to the slugfest, that fixed unblinking gaze that would attempt to force one or the other to momentarily look away.

And the stare-down was on full display as both Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama locked eyes on one another attempting to force the other to look away.

This particular “Thrilla in Manila” took place as world leaders met at the G20 Summit over the weekend, as the two combatants met for separate and private meetings in China to discuss the civil war ripping apart Syria and their respective differences in attempting to reach an agreement.

However unlike the 1975 clash between Ali and Frazier, the Putin/Obama match will not go the distance, in that Obama’s influence on the political world stage is quickly coming to an end, and there will be no agreement in solving the Syrian issue with Russia, even though Russia agreed to continue negotiations.

Obama described his meeting with the Russian President as being “blunt” and “business-like,” which gives us an indication as to how Putin and China view the Obama Presidency.

Which leaves the administration a bit unhinged in their narrative:

“We want to have productive discussions that would allow us both to focus on our common enemies like ISIS but there are gaps of trust and we haven’t yet closed the gap.”

Moreover Obama doesn’t seem to realize he’s in the 3rd and final fight and behind on all score cards.



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