Transgender issues and sex change topics are popping up all over the media lately. The most recent story, however, doesn't focus on an ex-Olympian who wanted to change his gender, but on an imprisoned murderer whose sex change operation is now being required by an Obama appointed judge.

That judge, Jon S. Tigar, is a U.S. District Court judge who was appointed by President Obama in 2013. Tigar, a homosexual, ruled that Jeffrey Norsworthy, a murderer who has been serving a life sentence since 1987, deserves sex reassignment surgery (SRS) because denying the surgery would be denying a fundamental human right.

Whether or not Norsworthy, who now identifies as Michelle, is legitimately suffering from gender dysphoria and will benefit from the surgery, the most alarming part of Judge Tigar's ruling is that it overturns California's Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's previous stance that gender reassignment surgeries weren't necessary for inmates.

It's the word "necessary" that is stirring up waves.

If Norsworthy is given the chance to complete the surgery, California taxpayers would be liable for the nearly $100,000 procedure, a hefty price to pay for someone serving a lifetime sentence for murder.

As it is, those who back Norsworthy's case, including Judge Tigar, say that keeping Norsworthy in the all-male penitentiary where he currently resides is opening the door for sexual assault. Corrections administrators, however, don't want to move him to a women's prison either, because he is a murderer with a history of assault charges.

The real issue here isn't the fact that Norsworthy thinks he is now a woman. At issue is the fact that a judge has ruled that, despite being a convicted murderer, Norsworthy is entitled to what most would consider a less-than-urgent procedure (putting it mildly).

There comes a point at which murdering someone and being thrown in prison removes some of your rights. That's just the way it is. And having taxpayers cover the cost of an expensive surgery that you feel you need after the fact is just one of those rights that you give up when you are thrown in prison.

h/t: LiveLeak

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