Many Americans have been wary of the day when the seemingly far-fetched notion of a nationalized police force would come to fruition and be front-and-center in our everyday lives. Sure, the thought rattled around in our brains, but generally it was quickly followed by a mental slap and sloughing off of such a ludicrous idea.

“This is America!” we tell ourselves. Stuff like that doesn’t happen here. That is the stuff of history, Nazi occupation and the Third Reich. The lessons we learned from the “Greatest Generation” were not in vain.


Well, now, you would think you should agree with yourself on that little mental exchange, and guess what? You might be wrong. Very, scarily wrong.

Our freshly pressed and minted Attorney General, Loretta Lynch is weighing the decision as to whether or not she (and the Department of Justice) will enter the fray and begin policing Baltimore.

Thank you Stephanie Rawlings! The inept mayor of Baltimore, rather than do her job to ensure civil unrest is kept in check, she would like to wash the blood of the injured and the ruins of people’s businesses and properties off of her hands, and step away from the nightmare she created and give control over to an even bigger and more incompetent entity; the federal government.

Obama has repeatedly tried to establish a national police force and is seeing the Baltimore riots as an opportunity to make it happen. His race baiting Marxist buddy Al Sharpton totally agrees.

"We need the Justice Department to step in and takeover policing in this country, In the Twentieth-Century, we had to fight states' rights to get the right to vote. We gonna have to fight states' rights in terms of closing down police cases."

Sharpton said at a Baltimore luncheon last week.

Apparently, anytime there is a non-white criminal, in particular a black criminal, arrested at the hands of a white police officer, racism is at hand regardless of any crime committed. If you are not white and you want to riot, thug-erize the neighborhood, beat people into the ground, burn things down, and steal, you are exercising your freedom of expression, and as we all know, Mayor Rawlings let that happen. She had to so she could let the peaceful protestors have their space. Remember?

So in will ride the cavalry, courtesy of Sharpton and Obama’s shared “I have a dream” police force, in the form of Ms. Lynch’s DOJ, and what we hope will be constitutional due process, and not a stunt of socio-political “lynching” of the community (so to speak).

h/t: Red Statements

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