Liberals are always claiming to want to do anything they can to save the environment, but as we've seen in the past, more often than not this is just another excuse for liberals to help push their liberal agenda.

Under the guise of searching for "alternate" fuels and taking away from the gas and coal industries, liberals have been pushing hard to expand massive 'wind farms' in the US.

The problem behind these wind farms is that the huge turbines on these farms actually end up killing thousands of birds each year, and that includes our country's bald eagle, according to CNS News.

This fact hasn't hindered wind farm construction in the least. In fact, Obama just allowed for new regulation to be passed that is actually going to increase the number of bald eagles killed each year by wind farms.

Brand new permits are set to be issued to wind farms next year that will increase the number of bald eagles that they are allowed to kill each year.

So once again, the hypocritical left has condemned thousands of our nation's sacred bird to death, in order to "save" the environment.

The permits are called "incidental take permits" and for the price of $36,000 these wind farms will be able to ramp up their bald eagle yearly slaughter by almost 400% from the original 1,100 per year to a disgusting 4,200 dead bald eagles.

According to Save The Eagles International, despite the government's figures, these wind farms actually kill many more eagles and birds each year and could actually put some of these birds at danger of going extinct.

Fox News even stated that reporting these figures is "voluntary" and the Interior Department has actually not released, nor do they plan to release, all the necessary information.

So the facade of "saving the environment" starts to crumble as the major risks that these wind farms pose to the bald eagle and other bird populations and their ecosystems.

Liberals could be investing in other forms of "alternative" energy that doesn't slaughter thousands of bald eagles each year, but knowing them, it might be an added bonus to kill the American symbol of freedom while advancing their shrouded liberal agendas.

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Source: Fox News



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