It almost never fails, if you reside in a state run by progressives there’s a good likelihood you should kiss your personal civil liberties “goodbye!” Remarkably states that have dominant progressive legislators, while claiming to be “liberal” have more restrictions, more mandates and more laws forcing people how to live.

For example in New York City the bastion of progressive politics, former Mayor Michel Bloomberg was dubbed “the nanny mayor” because he attempted to regulate everything from how much salt an individual should consume, to how big a soda bottle should be, to advocating “breastfeeding” by actually instructing city hospitals to hide baby formula’s for new mothers, while actually mandating flu shots.

Now we have the former president becoming the “nation’s nanny” by attempting to shame Americans into eating fewer steak dinners.

The condescending finger-pointing apparently took place recently when the former president was in Milan, Italy on Tuesday as a keynote speaker for the “Seeds and Chips Global Food Innovation Summit” and began a discourse on “When it comes to climate change, the hour is almost upon us.”

There’s little doubt that “climate change” has become the new “holy grail” of the left, and Obama’s fear mongering tactics is simply the latest approach in forcing the public to change their lifestyle.

Obama doubled down on the gloom and doom scenario predicting things; “will get far worse as climate change continues,” pointing to the refugee flow into Europe due to food shortages, and of course took a cheap shot at President Trump for slowing down the claims made by the progressive movement and in particular Obama’s policies regarding climate change.

However perhaps the most enlightening and certainly most amusing moment came during the Q&A segment of the conference, and after the gloomy speech by the former president, when Sam Kass Obama’s White House Chef and nutrition adviser to the former president, was confronted by someone who actually “fact-checked” the dinners served while Obama was in office, and asked how many steak dinners did he prepare for the First Family? His answer“thousands of steaks!”

At which point Obama interrupted: “I don’t think, thousands.”

“Well hundreds maybe,” Kass replied…“Hundreds, at least.”

Check out the responses to Obama's hypocritical speech that blew up social media:

You can see the entire debacle of Obama's call for people to stop eating meat (except himself of course) here: Starts at 1:12 mark

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