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There’s certainly no doubt that this administration has done some pretty outrageous and egregious acts during it’s almost 8-years in office, however not even in those dark days of Watergate has an administration so willfully usurped our national security for political expediency.

If you’re a traditional critical thinking individual then in all likelihood you’ve come to expect this administration’s attempt to change the narrative and at some point attempt to rewrite the facts to suite their preconceived agenda, however “CENSORSHIP” and actually running interference for a murderous Islamic terrorist is simply astounding, and that’s exactly what took place on Sunday when Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the Justice Department was scrubbing all references made by the terrorist to ISIS or Islam.

And going on the record saying: “The FBI is releasing a partial [printed] transcript of the killer’s calls with law enforcement, from inside the club. “What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda.”

Chuck Todd of NBC then questioned Lynch, incredulously; “We’re not going to hear him talk about those things?”

Lynch responded; “We will hear him talk about some of those things, but we are not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance and that.”

However what is being lost in all of this aside from the obvious “censorship” and the ramifications it creates within a free society, is the real and practical danger of denying critical investigative and financial resources to be utilized by both Home Land Security and the FBI which presently cannot be accessed, until the enemy is actually identified and referenced as “radical Islamic extremists.”

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