Another step in the direction toward pandering to Islamists and the Council on America-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and now pandering to Islamist inmates in our nation’s prisons.

That’s right, folks. No longer, as a prisoner, will you get a pork chop or bacon.

Apparently, prisoners in general “…don’t like the taste of pork…” Supposedly, a prison-wide survey of inmates’ food preferences (ummm, who cares?) indicates that pork is not their favorite. Really?

The National Pork Producer’s Council, according to spokesman, Dave Warner, does not “…believe that any prisoner would turn down bacon,” and undoubtedly he is correct. It is hard to fathom anyone, let alone an entire prison population, not wanting bacon aside their eggs.

Interestingly, while CAIR supports the change, “…because it’s facilitating the accommodation of Muslim inmates,” according to Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for CAIR, they fear retaliation in the form of Islamophobia. First off, our prison system should not be in the business of “facilitating” any prisoner’s desire for anything, from toilet paper to food.

Secondly, let us get this straight, while you Islamists want the entire world populace subject to your cruel wife-beating child-rape Caliphate ways, you are actually afraid of the rest of the world?

Well, hell then, maybe we are doing something right with this whole pork ban. Perhaps, taking away pork products in the prison system will allow the bacon-eating inmates to whip your radical, fundamentalist, tyrannical asses (no pun intended) into shape.

Source: CNS News

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