Ever with his hands in our pockets, now Obama has them down our pants. That’s right folks. In an effort to redirect our attention from the obvious destruction of the health, welfare, and safety of our country, the President and his Administration have launched an alphabet-soup cop-a-feel campaign, otherwise known as the LGBTQ,

“A Safe Place to Pee.”

Shocking? It shouldn’t be. Our country is already in the toilet. All we need is a good flush, something Obama is more than happy to provide.

Apparently the White House held a LGBTQ Tech Summit, fitting it in somewhere between arming Iran, ginning up the Black Lives Matter thugs, dissing Israel, golfing and vacationing, to find out what it is the minority of all minority groups demands.

“How can the federal government better serve transgender people?”

Don’t the rest of the letters in the acronym know this is blatant discrimination against those who don’t want to change their sex? Don’t answer. Don’t give them anymore ideas.

All the idiocy aside, their demands are intense: protection laws, free healthcare (medical and mental), free hormones, jobs, housing, gender neutral everything, “representation that ISNT old money”, and something called “puberty-blockers” which sounds a bit perverse and scary.

You too can speak out!




Twitter: @transneeds

Let’s all call, tweet, SMS, whatever and tell them our transgender needs.

We need transgenders to get over themselves, and keep their hands out of our pants. They need to put them down their own, assess their anatomy, and use the proper bathroom.

Tweets like this one are showing up to support #transneeds:

Source: Breitbart


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