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Listening last night to Obama’s State of the Union Address, and his delusional assessment of world events, and the real life drama unfolding on the high seas, one couldn't help but acknowledge the stark contrast of these two competing events, and of course the optics for Obama couldn't have been worse as two U.S. Navy vessels only hours before his prime-time speech were seized by Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard.

The vessels were navigating through the Persian Gulf on Tuesday, when they were seized, by the Islamic Republic of Iran with a total crew of 10-sailors on board, who were detained and moved to a secure Iranian military base.

Senior U.S. officials told news outlets it is unclear if the ships strayed into Iranian waters before Tehran’s navy captured the vessels. Iran claims the U.S. ships illegally entered Iranian territory.

However what is apparent is that Iran has been quite aggressive of late, and only two weeks ago fired a rocket within one mile of the USS Harry S. Truman as it made its way through the Strait of Hormuz.

Furthermore Iran has already broken several key components within the nuke deal, and is already in default, in that part of the agreement calls for Iran to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist.

Secretary of State John Kerry has called Tehran hoping to secure the sailors’ immediate release, according to reports, which state Iran has agreed to let them go “within hours.”

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook told AP Tuesday that the U.S. Navy ships were in transit between Kuwait and Bahrain when they lost contact with their base of communications.

UPDATE: Iran has freed the American Sailors and John Kerry is calling this a sign of how good relations are with Iran.

The Obama administration is desperate to do anything to downplay the danger that Iran poses so that their plan to lift sanctions on Iran will go through.

John Kerry kissed up to Iran after the sailors release saying:

"These are always situations as everybody here knows which have an ability, if not properly guided, to get out of control, I'm appreciative for the quick and appropriate response of the Iranian authorities."
"I think we can all imagine how a similar situation might have played out three or four years ago," Kerry said. "In fact, it is clear that today this kind of issue was able to be peacefully resolved and efficiently resolved and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe, secure and strong."

Source: Daily Mail


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