The Obama administration, operating under the radar as usual, has deliberately created what immigration officials, including attorneys and judges, call “chaos,” with delays in deportation proceedings for thousands of Central Americans who entered the country illegally in 2014.

While Obama likes to claim deportations have increased during his eight years in office, especially with respect to those recent arrivals who crossed into the U.S. during that “surge” summer, in fact, the thousands have been, essentially, set free due to lack of enforcement.

The only real shock about the revelation is that it was reported by The New York Times, the premier liberal news source in the country.

The illegal aliens were to have been fitted with an electronic monitoring program – ankle bracelets with GPS tracking at a cost of $4 to $8 per day – to ensure their appearance at their deportation hearing, but did not even report to receive the device.

The result is that thousands of cases have been delayed –– some as far in the future as 2023, according to immigration judges and federal officials said.

Federal immigration judge, Paul Schmidt, retired in June after 30-years in government service and 13-years in his position as judge, told The New York Times, “The whole thing is docket chaos.”

The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for arresting illegal aliens in the U.S. with the Department of Justice determining deportation status.

At a further cost to taxpayers, additional judges were recently hired to handle the case load and backlog which sources say has “reached record levels.”

President Obama, with only a few months left in his presidency, continues his effort to keep his promise to “fundamentally transform America.”

Mass pardons of felons, removal of prisoners at “Gitmo,” admission of unvetted Syrians over the objection of local residents and opposition to voter ID laws combined with the refusal to enforce immigration laws is creating an America most citizens don’t recognize.

At the moment, Obama is making good on that promise.

Source: NYT

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