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Perhaps the tag-line to this article should read; “with friends like these who needs enemies?”

And apparently judging by Obama’s continued betrayal and sabotage of the Israeli people and in particular Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this latest incident comes as no surprise.

In that the State Department funneled hundreds of thousands of tax payer dollars to various anti Netanyahu operatives, in the hopes of unseating the Prime Minister.

The bombshell announcement came by way of a congressional investigation on Tuesday which concluded that the Obama Administration spent some $350,000 to a pro Palestinian advocacy group for the sole purpose of defeating the Prime Minister’s reelection.

In a statement released by Sen. Rob Portman, chairman of the investigative subcommittee concluded;

“The State Department ignored warnings signs and funded a politically active group in a politically sensitive environment with inadequate safeguards, it is completely unacceptable that U.S. taxpayer dollars were used to build a political campaign infrastructure that was deployed immediately after the grant ended, against the leader of our closest ally in the Middle East.”

The animus Obama has displayed to one of our strongest allies by actually negotiating a nuclear deal that endangers the State of Israel and ending sanctions against Iran, and releasing over $150 billion dollars, simply illustrates Obama’s perverse view of the world and in particular the conflicts within that region of the world.

Source: Washington Times


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