In the middle of negotiations between the United States and Iran to complete a nuclear deal, Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, called for “death to America” in a speech before Iranians.

What was the Obama administration’s reaction to this sentiment?

They ignored it and said that it was simply rhetorical speech aimed at a certain and specific audience and that the phrase “death to America” is no big deal.

This may sound unbelievable, but as negotiations draw to a close in Iran over whether or not they should be allowed to possess nuclear capabilities, it is becoming clear that the Obama administration has no idea exactly who they are dealing with in these negotiations.

“Death to America,” weren’t the only words that Khamenei used to attack America. He also said that the entire goal of America’s diplomacy was to weaken the Iranian state—which may be true to some degree—essentially declaring ideological war against everything that America stands for.

It is unconscionable to think that officials in the Obama administration can go on ignoring this sentiment while still moving forward with a plan to give the people who are spouting “death to America” nuclear capabilities.

Perhaps some of the Obama administration’s motivation to complete the deal is to show that Obama and Kerry can actually complete a piece of foreign policy—however flawed—and work with the international community. However, they must be able to understand that a nuclear deal with Iran is setting up a disaster in the future as the people who cry for America’s demise are enabled with nuclear capabilities.

There is also the possibility that Ali Khamenei didn’t mean what he said when he echoed the cry of his audience by saying “death to America.” Maybe he was posturing before his followers and in reality wants to support America so that this deal can go through and Iran can move into the twenty-first century.

I give that likelihood a zero-percent chance of being correct.

While the threats against America from a country which we are actively seeking to provide nuclear technology is alarming, even more alarming is the fact that the Obama administration seems unable to put the brakes on this deal.

Comments like Khamenei’s are a perfect example of a time when the pressing need isn’t to push something forward, but is instead to slow down and consider carefully the future.

Unfortunately the Obama administration seems unable to man up and confront Iran about this issue. They want to push ahead and arm America’s enemies with nuclear technology. God help us.



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