The obvious persecution of Christians continues, not only in the Middle East, among the Islamic barbarians, but right here at home, and by our own government, in particular by an administration and a willing media that have gone out of their way to purposely vilify those who believe in scripture and hold their faith dear.

And so it should come as no surprise that this closet Muslim pretending to be a Christian would continue his assault by banning the word “Christmas” within the military.

The Obama administration has directed the military to not allow personnel to say “Christmas”, in spite of the holiday’s status as a federally recognized holiday.

The reason given by armed forces officials is that not everyone celebrates Christmas and that out of respect for them; military members should refer to Christmas celebrations simply as “holiday”-themed festivities.

“CHRISTIANITY” isn't a one size fits all cult designed to be flexible, depending on the pop culture of the day, and because of that distinction there lies its strength, in that to the faithful, persecution has always been  an intricate part of Christianity, and while Obama continues to push a secular progressive agenda in particular, as evidenced by the recent reprimanding of Navy Chaplain Wes Modder for simply discussing religion, however Christianity will survive long after this closet Muslim leaves office.

Do you think our military should have no restrictions on using the word 'Christmas'?

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Source: Right Wing News


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