Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching the welcome sight of lit Christmas trees has once again become a familiar sight. One very iconic Christmas tree that is known by many Americans has been the site of a very troublesome situation. The Christmas tree outside the Rockefeller center in New York City has recently become centerpiece of a very disturbing scene, in which the police were called due to the unnerving behavior of a Muslim man and the suspicious items that were in his hands.

A Fox News employee and many other onlookers were force to call the police after the man in question, Yuriy Alterman, was spotted yelling "F*ck the police" and throwing a bottle.

Luckily, police followed the suspect and intercepted him at an intersection near the attraction where he was immediately arrested. That's when the situation turned from bizarre to downright horrifying.

The police found that the Muslim man was holding a can of gasoline, matches, and a book titled "Son of Hamas."

"Sometimes, you guys do things that make others do things even though that’s not who we are," Alterman tried to explain to NYPD, as reported by NBC. "Have you seen the news today?"

Police could not definitively prove the man's intentions, nor could they completely decipher what he meant by that. Alterman was charged with making a terroristic threat but these charges were later downgraded to "disorderly conduct and weapon possession at his arraignment," reports NY Daily News.

Alterman's lawyer even tried to say that "He bought the gas just to buy it. I don’t think these charges are sufficient to this point," as if the police and anything with a pulse is that dumb.

It is pretty clear that this man had some very sinister intentions with 2 gallons of gasoline in the very crowded streets on NYC. It's a good thing police intercepted him before he was able to carry out whatever act he planned on committing. Yet, liberals will of course try to spin this as a story about the police profiling and harassing an 'innocent' Muslim man in New York, when they were in fact just doing their job, keeping Americans safe from whack-jobs like this guy.

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Source: Mad World News


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