It was less than 6-months ago that officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos, were executed as they sat in their patrol car in Brooklyn, they’re only offence in the twisted mind of the assassin, was that they were police officers.

Over the weekend another twisted mind took the life of yet another young police officer doing what police officers do best “protecting the public”. Officer Brian Moore, 25 died two days after being shot point-blank in the head was taken off life support and quietly passed away.

Moore and his partner officer Erik Jansen, working out of the 105th  precinct noticed a man suspiciously tugging at his waistband, and when officer Moore approached and asked the man "What are you carrying?," the man  later identified as  Demetrius Blackwell  pulled out a handgun and fired three times striking officer Moore once in the head.

The tragedy of an officer being killed in the line of duty is real, and that stark reality that he or she may not come home. However when public officials whether in Baltimore, Chicago or New York, play politics for political expediency or push some politically correct ideology that puts these brave men and woman in danger, then something is terribly wrong and needs to be addressed immediately.

New York City is a prime example of playing politics over sound policing policies, in that under then mayor Rudy Giuliani “quality of life” issues became a part of policing strategy, minor infractions if unchecked eventually leads to more substantial crimes, “stop and frisk” was a part of that policy which allowed police to stop a suspicious person and check for weapons, and it reduced crime in NYC dramatically.

However under ultra progressive Mayor Bill de Blasio “stop and frisk” as well as policing methods in general have become political issues creating outright hostility and making policing extremely difficult, and perhaps that brief moment of hesitation whether to question Blackwell or not, may have contributed to officer Moore’s death.

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