It seems that the one constant theme among progressives is in the redistribution of wealth, taking from one and giving it to another, and if you disagree with that philosophy then you’re “collectively still jealous, nervous creatures, hoarding what we have, afraid of taking even the most promising risk, displaying loyalty to our own tribe, while we stare suspiciously at everyone else,” so says Adam Davidson co-founder and host of “Planet Money” and weekly columnist for the “New York Times Magazine.”

In a recent editorial Davidson expounded on the plight of those 11-million illegal aliens, and how best to solve the problem from his progressive perch, and the way to solve the immigration issue, is to simply open our borders and allow an additional 11-million illegal aliens to enter each and every year

“Few of us are calling for the thing that basic economic analysis shows would benefit nearly all of us: radically open borders,” he writes. And he continues “If largely open borders were to replace our expensive and restrictive lottery system, it’s likely that many of these immigrants would travel back and forth between the United States and their native countries, counteracting the potential brain drain by sharing knowledge and investment capital.”

And if this sounds like a “radical new idea”, think again. Obviously Davidson has been rummaging through some old 1960’s text books for his writing assignments, in that this unique radical concept was first introduced and was the brainchild of two sociology professors at Columbia University, almost 50-years ago.

The strategy outlined by professors Andrew Cloward and Frances Piven was to simply overburden the system by flooding the country with millions of immigrants, thus overloading government resources, with the end goal of destroying capitalism. The tactics used would be to create chaos, and if a crisis does not exist, to create one.

And to that end they founded the National Welfare Rights Organization with the sole purpose of increasing the number of people on the welfare rolls, and to some degree they actually succeeded in overloading the system, and by 1975 New York City declared bankruptcy.

Of course in Davidson’s version of utopia he cleverly leaves out the inevitable demise of our nation, by actually mocking and ridiculing those that believe in the rule of law and protecting a country's sovereignty. However unlike those two radical professors who at the very least had the courage of their convictions to openly challenge the system, with their goal of destroying that system. Davidson however attempts to spin the facts with a series of bizarre arguments and convoluted conclusions, based on nothing more than Davidson’s own preconceived theories of how America should look…of course the end result would be the same




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