New York City once known as the “entertainment capital of the world” has somehow lost a bit of its charm, “the city that never sleeps” still attracts millions of tourists a year, spending untold billions of dollars, however within the last few years, the quality of life for native New Yorker's seems a bit more precarious than previous years, no doubt the cost of living for average New Yorker's when compared to the rest of the nation is outrageous.

Moreover, under Mayor Bill de Blasio’s illegal sanctuary policies, New York could lose close to $10.4 billion dollars in federal funds, according to budget documents released by the City Council Speaker's office, those funds would directly benefit native New Yorker's.

And perhaps that’s the motivation behind de Blasio’s false claim made by his Press Secretary Eric Philips on Saturday when he tweeted out about federal immigration agents raiding a middle-school in Queens looking for a 4th grade student.

The apparent bogus claim was quickly pulled back after a firestorm erupted on social media after Twitter users assumed that ICE agents were looking to deport the child. Moreover Philips conveniently never provided any details as to which agency was at the school and for what purpose, which oddly enough is the fundamental job of a “press secretary.”

The media was all too ready to run with the false liberal narrative.

After the initial hysteria, the city contacted the Department of Homeland Security for clarification. Katherine Tichacek, a spokeswoman for the agency, acknowledged that federal agents (not ICE) were at the school, the agents were there to determine if a student was enrolled in order for a parent to qualify for an immigrant benefit, which could be permanent residency or a work authorization.

Despite being exposed for spreading fake news to fit Democrats immigration narrative Phillips refused to apologize and arrogantly blamed ICE when confronted by the NY Times.

"I think ICE has fueled the fire," he said. "Immigration agents, really for any reason, showing up in our elementary schools is alarming. ICE’s enforcement efforts, broadly, are alarming."

In short, the immigration agents who visited Public School 58 in Maspeth on May 11th were there on a totally different immigration issue.

Once again “Big Bird” aka. Mayor Bill de Blasio plays politics with the immigration issue, which prompted “The Times” to write as a lead headline; "City Hall Spreads ICE Fears First, Gets Facts Later."

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h/t: Free Beacon

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