Food stamps are a government welfare program designed to temporarily help people eat who cannot afford to.

If a person is getting enough food stamps to buy tax payer funded lobster or energy drinks that have no nutritious value then perhaps they are doing nothing more than scamming the system.

Republicans in New York are finally trying to put an end to the abuse by enacting legislation to ban buying luxury food items with food stamps.

Of course liberal democrats are trying to put an end to the bill and promise to vote against it. They want the moochers on food stamps to enjoy a nice lobster dinner at the expense of taxpayers apparently. Talk about NO shame.

More from Fox News:

A New York state lawmaker says people should not be able to use food stamps to buy lobster, steak and other "luxury" cuisine.

A bill introduced by Republican State Sen. Patty Ritchie, of Oswegatchie, would place restrictions on purchases made through New York's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

Along with lobster and certain cuts of steak, the legislation would also place energy drinks on the suggested list of banned items, arguing the drinks are not nutritious.

Decorated cakes would also be singled out under the proposal.

"At a time when our state and nation are struggling with an obesity epidemic, it is critically important that taxpayer-funded programs help low-income consumers make wise and healthy food choices," the bill explains.

Since the state assembly is majority-Democrat, the proposal is seen as unlikely to become law.

According to New York democrats a check like this is just find and dandy...



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