The State of Michigan is becoming the largest example of what happens when we capitulate to foreign interests. People who come into the United States, legally or illegally, should be made to understand that they need to adapt to an American culture, but not to force their own culture upon Americans.

Freedom of religion in the United States is reliant upon fair practice of a religion, which means that those practices must remain within the legal framework of our country. As an example, say a few hundred people get together and form their own religion. If they make human sacrifice a part of their weekly ritual and actually performs the act, it's still called murder, and is not only illegal, but highly punishable.

It doesn't matter what the Muslims do in their religious practices, as long as it doesn't violate American laws. Considering the fact that the majority of Muslim practices do violate our laws, it amazes me that they even want to stay within our borders. From wife-beating to honor killings, it proves by far that the Islamic faith is incompatible with the US Constitution on all levels.

As stated in the video above, a Muslim man may claim up to four wives for Welfare benefits in Michigan. Cities like Dearborn, Michigan are becoming overrun by Muslims, where they are slanting the local votes by sheer volume in favor of Islamic practices.

In case the authorities in Michigan have forgotten, polygamy is illegal in the United States. That's why Michigan gives instructions in Arabic for Muslim men on claiming the first wife, then how to list the other three as extended family. I feel deep down that there are certain individuals in Michigan's Department of Human Services, who are responsible for this fiasco, to do some quality jail time.

Thanks to Bill Clinton (Democrat, of course) who signed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 into law, it effectively removed Federal oversight from Welfare applicants and delegated all details to being handled at the state level. So when the video above calls for the viewer to call Congress, it's going to have less punch than those well-meaning folks realize.

The best avenue for making the right changes, to stop the kowtow movement in Michigan when it comes to Muslims seeking food benefits, concerned Americans in Michigan need to call their State Legislature and ask for the State Rep from their own voting district. That is the person to verbally hammer, because what their constituents demand will require their attention, or risk losing the next election.


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