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The United States recently welcomed in 383 Syrian refugees. Of that number, can you guess how many were Christians?

One. That’s it. Two-tenths of one-percent (0.2%). That person identified themselves as a Greek Orthodox Christian.

The other 382? They are varying sects of Islam.

What happened to refuge and asylum for the persecuted?

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is hell-bent on exterminating the “scourge” of Christianity from their territory.

According to Robert George, Chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRG);

“Throughout the region, Christians and members of some other religious minority communities have been targeted by ISIL for persecution, and in some cases genocide, because of their faith.”

There is no denying his words. We have watched the videos, listened to the audio, and heard the tales of first-person woe that describe the horror that befalls any non-Muslim, and even some non-radical Muslims.

While Obama preaches no litmus test for refugees and claims that the State Department won’t “bring more of one particular religion than another,” the numbers speak for themselves.

One Christian to 382 Muslims. 1:382.

Using the seeming formula herein, the incoming 10,000 Syrian refugees should features a whopping 20 non-Muslims.

It is overtly obvious that Obama and the State Department are playing religious favorites, and it isn’t to aid the persecuted Christians or any other minority non-Muslim faith.

Click the link to read more on this issue. This is a long-standing pro-Muslim re-settlement, far greater than we realize.

Source: CNS News


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