One-hundred thirty-two.  That is the number of Syrian refugees that have been admitted to our union since the November 13th, Paris, France terrorist attacks.

An interesting, but by no means surprising element of this import of refugees is Obama’s disingenuous preachy theatrics when it comes to how much we should all embrace diversity, and elevate the minority groups among us.  

All 132 refugees, as in 100%, are Sunni Muslims. So much for diversity, minority outreach, and that so-called litmus test of religious beliefs that Obama lambasted on the global stage.

Of those 132, most are men; 72 of them in fact, or 54%. Of those, a third fit the profile that we have all grown accustomed to associating with the Jihadi. T

here are also 53 children (<14 years of age), of whom 30, or 56% are also male. The rest….oh, yeah, just some girls.

That figure is nothing, compared to the 423 Syrian refugees that have been imported into the United States since September/October.

As to their diverse religious background, we have a whopping 1.2% that are non-Sunni Muslims. That’s right.

All of three Catholics and one Orthodox person, and a self-identified Christian.

If we go way back to March 2011, we can get a real appreciation for Obama’s diversity of faith refugee rescue mission when it comes to offering up our homeland to Syrian refugees; 2,137 of the 2,296 are Muslim.

A grand total of 53, or 2.3% were Christian and 33 were other non-Muslim faiths.

If it wasn’t clear up until now, then it ought to be after reading this, that there is no love lost for Christians by President Obama.

Of all the religious groups that are threatened with decimation at the hands of ISIS and any other fanatical Islamic group, like say, Al-Qaeda, who happened to be comprised of SUNNI MUSLIMS, it is Christians, and those of the “other” faiths (Jehovah’s Witness, Buddhism, etc.), that we ought to be vetting for admission under the guise of asylum/refugee, and not 90%+ Muslim.

Source: CNS News


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